Mobile App Development (Android & iOS)

Every day, numerous applications make an appearance to simplify various processes in multifarious industries and their need is only expected to snowball in the future. Thus keeping that in mind, Mify Digital offer performance driven, aesthetically luring, and feature-packed mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. Whether looking to create an application for mobile, tablet or desktop, Mify has had laid its creative hands upon all, and is versed in catering to diverse needs as per the requirement of the client.

From implementing Apple specific features like retina display optimization, map-kit, pass-kit, etc. to embedding the latest Android features into Android apps, we take care of changing mobile hardware and software trends and code the app accordingly so you do not miss out on any feature that matters.

Over the years, we have been developing apps across various genre including travel, news, entertainment, marketing, gaming, etc. for both Android and iOS devices. We have a good hand at churning apps that work seamlessly with significant features intact. We create highly innovative game apps with incredible graphics, unique characters and amazing sounds. For apps involving security risks, we intelligently integrate sophisticated backend business logic to ensure the app caters to all user demands and is free from security glitches.

Our in-house business Analysts, UX/UI Experts and Designers have a proven record of successful mobile application project delivery with the rigorous quality intact. In addition, competitive rates for mobile app development make us stand out as a serviceable resource in the application development arena. Moreover, Designers and coders at Mify digital are versed with mobile applications that vary in sizes, design and complexity. Here is a cheat sheet to help you figure out where your mobile app idea stands in terms of complexity.

Simple Application

These are single purpose apps with no backend and can be developed fast with limited resources.

  • Standalone app with no backend
  • Simple user interaction
  • Static content
  • Limited user-generated content
  • Medium complexity application

    It is a single purpose app with limited backend logic but extended features.

  • Personalized feeds
  • Search functionality
  • Simple user content generation
  • One to one messaging
  • Complex Mobile Application

    Complex apps require a heavy backend logic, extensive UI development, and administration tools.

  • Complex business logic
  • User-generated content
  • Personalized feeds
  • User profile & settings
  • Two complementary apps