Why do I need an optimized Google Places account?

Mobile search is bigger than ever, with more and more people now performing internet searches using mobile devices. Logically, people who opt Google search for a business in their area usually want to address an immediate requirement. And Google has intelligently designed the Maps to display the nearest store on top of the search results so a person can head on to fulfill their requirement.

Hence, if your business appears on the Maps results, you have a better chance at drawing the attention of potential leads and we at Mify Digital can help you with the same. With Google Places optimization services, we grind to increase your business local search rankings. As Maps results on Google search result often catch one’s eye and a good chunk of traffic, thus, there is a high chance of driving visits to your physical location and we understand that.

At Mify Digital, our SEO experts are well versed with elements that contribute a role in ranking and can help bump-up your Places page in the search results. Google Places is necessary important for businesses that enjoy the benefit of local customers or whose customers are searching for something in a certain location (e.g. hotels, amusement parks, etc.). Keeping that in mind, we optimize your Google Place account with details, help you generate keyword development strategies, we create the right kind of local citations and much more to help you get business.

From listing your business on each respective search engines including Google My Business, Bing Local, or Yahoo! business listings to adding optimized videos and images of your business our well-executed Google Maps SEO strategy is one of the most powerful marketing endeavors for your local business.